Ninja IDE 2.4 Released!

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Ninja-IDE 2.4 Released!

After many ups and downs, we are pleased to release the next stable version of the Shuriken series of Ninja-IDE 2.x, the 2.4!

As you can see, we have increased the minor version, this is the result of taking all the code from version 2.3, porting it to Python3 + Qt5 and giving it a bit of flavor to 3.0 Lawgiver.

The decision to make a backport comes from the constant comments of ninjas on GNU/Linux platforms. It turns out that some packages related to PyQt4 had problems, were obsolete or do not exist anymore. It is important to note that there were not many significant changes at the level of features, this means that we drag all the good and bad things from version 2.3 to this new release.


As mentioned, this release is very similar to the previous one, in principle it was thought that the most important change in Ninja-IDE 2.4 was to pass all the code to Python 3 + Qt5, but on the way, it was decided that I should have something more, something like a Ninja Lawgiver flavor. We take some things from Lawgiver and adapt them to Shuriken 2.4. The result is a series of small new features and updates of external tools:

  • Stylesheet
  • Editor Scheme
  • Rulers
  • Cursor width configurable
  • Python PEP8 Indenter
  • PEP8 Checker powered by pycodestyle
  • Pyflakes updated

Python Indenter

This feature was borrowed from the 3.0 Lawgiver version, the Python programmer should not worry by the combinations of <Tab>/<space> each time a line break is made. Still in development but very functional, this feature follows the PEP8 style guide for indentation.

Future plans

There are many things that have changed since Shuriken, the development version 3.0 Lawgiver has a completely new architecture, more stable, extensible and the performance is remarkable.

Another important thing is that you have been playing a lot in implementing a new Code Completion or IntelliSense, so far the best option is to integrate LSP Language Server Protocol, in addition to give us the possibility of implementing a nice Code Completion, we have many free things, like Code Formatting, Hover, Signature Help, Go to definition, Find references.

Last words

This release is a good start for me as Ninja’s Project Leader, is to be able to say “hey, we’re still here, we’re making a good IDE for Python”.

We want this to be the year of Ninja-IDE 3.0, there are still many things to do and to improve. Let’s take all of our ninja tools and we will do our best to make it happen.

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